Iran Unchained -- NGOs meet DAOs [EthPrague - June 2023]

It was a pleasure presenting IranUnchained progress at EthPrague. This is an unrolled version of the original Twitter thread.

Here’s the recording of my talk, but also read further for the highlights:

Iran Unchained – NGOs meet DAOs / Shayan Eskandari


I start my talk with a recap:

IranUnchained NGO

We explain how Iran Unchained is set up—it uses a novel NGO and DAO hybrid structure.

The NGO points to the DAO and the DAO ratified the NGO charter through an onchain vote.

We started by proposing 5 grants as the proof of concept to understand the compliance requirements and challenges.

So far we’ve sent out ~$40K and it’s just the beginning…

Geek Time! :nerd_face:

IranUnchained under the hood is a MolochDAO V3 and each grant fund is a Gnosis Safe smart contract owned by the DAO.

You can see the full workflow in the images below and the short explanation in my talk.

Looking ahead :eyes:

We’ll be doing more grants in support of Woman, Life, Freedom in Iran.

Please join us on our forum and propose ideas you might have.

Also, please donate on our website!

Thank you