IranUnchained First Quarterly Update (Q2/2023)

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We’re proud to announce our first quarterly update!

  • We sent $50K in grants, mostly to Iranians in Iran.
  • We are submitting our first OFAC quarterly report.

Read on for :thread::point_down:

  • :heart_on_fire: a summary of our grantees
  • :nerd_face: what we learned
  • :handshake: how you can help

Summary of Our Grantees


Our first grant for Internet Freedom for Iran was awarded to @internet4i!

We are proud to support activists using legal means to disrupt internet censorship on Iranians, and also groups providing censorship-resistance internet infrastructure!

We’re proud of internet4i for taking an early public stand against “Arvan Cloud”, a tech company assisting the Islamic Republic with Internet censorship.

Their activism & legal pressure was vindicated when the @USTreasury imposed sanctions on Arvan Cloud!

The internet4i group has also been actively delivering VPNs & VPN-enabled routers to help Iranians accessing the internet.

Great work @shayanebn & team!

Supporting Iranian NFT Artists

We are also proud to support Iranian NFT artists!

We spent $20K+ over 2 rounds to curate a DAO-owned collection of our favorite art from Iranian artists.

See round 2 highlights in the thread below :thread::framed_picture::point_down:

You can also see our Foundation Portfolio for IranUnchained owned NFTs:

We actually got 400+ NFT art submissions for our round 2 grants!

Check the replies to the QT to see some of the stunning art submitted :thread::framed_picture::point_down:

Thank you @_r0yart @Najvasol @ThessyMehrain @sbetamc @ameensol for curating :v:

Zan Zendegi Azadi Newsletter

Another grantee was ZZANewspaper, a daily revolution newspaper operating in Iran.

Documenting the history of the #WomanLifeFreedom revolution is incredibly high stakes journalism, with the entire team operating anonymously.

Great work :fist:

Game of Trust

Last but not least, our second Internet Freedom for Iran grantee was the “Game of Trust” project.

They are working on a social trust network that uses Ethereum addresses as the bedrock of a web-of-trust, which can be used to secure anonymous comms.

What We Learned

In June at EthPrague our founding member Shayan Eskandari (@sbetamc) was invited to present updates on our DAO formation & initial grants.

We appreciate the opportunity to share how we got here & what we have learned!

Watch his talk for the full story so far!

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 12.34.22 PM

To get here, we learned a great deal about OFAC sanctions & compliance.

Please read our legal primer :books:

  • :people_hugging: General License E → rules for organizations
  • :artificial_satellite: General License D-2 → internet freedoms
  • :art: Berman Exemptions → information materials (art)

How You Can Help

With our first successful grants, Now we are looking for:

In addition to follow on grants for our existing grantees, there are several new grants we plan to support:


ETH Conferences Scholarship :unicorn:

As part of ETH Conferences Scholarship grant, we to aim to bring the Ethereum community and Iranian web3 community closer together.

The first round of this grant is focusing on EFDevconnect Istanbul.

Free Education in Farsi :woman_technologist:

We are also excited to support @crypt0zan & @coiniranacademy for the summer 2023 cohort of their Free Online Solidity Course in Farsi.

They are aiming for 1,000+ Farsi Solidity students! :hugs:

More information on their course details in Farsi:

Humanitarian Aid For Iran :pray:

We have ~$10K ready to send towards humanitarian aid grants.

We are actively looking for humanitarian groups inside Iran to support.

Suggestions welcome!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

We’re excited to grow our network of grantees, donors, and friends :heart_on_fire: