Launch Post—Read This First!

IranUnchained Grants Launch

We are IranUnchained, a new NGO raising funds to free Iran. Today we are announcing the launch of this grants forum so we and our friends to discuss and propose fundraising initiatives. Our first grant proposal details can be found on this forum, so please discuss and tell your friends! The grants website will be live shortly and open for donations!

Our plan is to start small, only raising funds for a few grants that we believe will have a positive impact. Our initial grants will allow us to test our ability to securely distribute funds inside Iran and at the same verify that our compliance reports are completed in accordance with U.S. Treasury guidelines. Assuming all goes well, we plan to scale up our fundraising efforts by curating a community of Iranians and friends who can help guide our grant direction, and engaging with more established groups aligned with Iranian Freedom.

If you are interested in discussing a new grant proposal for the DAO, please start with the IranUnchained Grant Proposal Process. Also, please join our public telegram group.

About IranUnchained

IranUnchained is a Wyoming-based unincorporated non-profit association, using a novel legal setup where membership in the NGO is directly represented by membership in a digital autonomous organization (DAO) on the Ethereum blockchain. All funds are raised in crypto and can only be distributed by a vote of the DAO members. For more info, please read our IranUnchained: Operations Overview.

With IranUnchained, we are using our crypto expertise to fundraise for Iran using cryptocurrency while maintaining full compliance with OFAC sanctions policies. We researched the existing OFAC policies in depth, hired a law firm co-founded by a former associate director at OFAC, and published our findings here - Iran Aid: A Legal Primer.

Please also see our Resources & Links doc for additional references.

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