IranUnchained Grant Proposal Process

A high level summary of our grant proposal process:

  1. Discussion - 1 week minimum: Prepare a draft of the grant proposal and all relevant information, submit on the forum and label it as discussion, and post a link to the discussion on our public telegram group to help spread awareness.

  2. Proposal - Prepare a final writeup of the grant proposal, submit on the forum and label it as proposal, link to the original discussion post, and then create a grant on that summarizes and links to your proposal on the forum. Please note - proposal text submitted on is immutable (it can’t be changed), which is why we want the main proposal text to be posted on this forum.

  3. Fundraising - Work with IranUnchained DAO members and within your own network to promote the grant and fundraise for it. Anyone can create a grant on, but our members will only champion grants we believe will have meaningful impact.

  4. Distribution - Once funds have been raised for the grant, distributing funds to the appropriate recipients is the responsibility of the IranUnchained DAO. To make sure funds are distributed correctly, IranUnchained DAO members may invite you to a working group to discuss distribution logistics.

Grant Proposal Forum Post Template

A good grant proposal will include:

  • a summary of the purpose of the grant
  • background info on the motivation for the grant
  • information about the grant recipients (if known) and their track record
  • anticipated use of funds, in as much detail as is reasonable
  • logistical challenges to be aware of when distributing funds
  • link to the prior forum discussion

For an example of a good grant proposal post, please see Supporting Iranian NFT Artists.

For the initial discussion post, please try to include as much of the information above as possible, as well as any open questions that will help drive the discussion.

For more information about IranUnchained operating and fundraising structure, please see our IranUnchained Operations Overview.

UPDATE—November 2023:

With the launch of IranUnchained v2 ( we are encouraging grantees to first make a project profile there, and only follow up here to make a corresponding NGO grant application to have our US-based IranUnchained NGO fundraise for your project on behalf of US donors.

For more information, please read our updated IranUnchained v2 User Guide.

If you still are not sure, please reach out to a team member on our public telegram: